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Accountor withdraws from Russia

Accountor has initiated measures to withdraw from Russia due to the uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine. The planning of the withdrawal has already begun, while taking care of Accountor's employees and customers.

Accountor’s customers in Russia are predominately subsidiaries of Finnish and other western companies. Accountor, like our customers, has been forced into a very challenging operating environment. Accountor helps those customers who have decided to withdraw from Russia to do so in the best possible way.

“Accountor condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is extremely serious and our thoughts are with Ukrainians who are suffering from the war. We are committed to acting according to Accountor's values, and this decision is in line with our values,” says Niklas Sonkin, Accountor's President and CEO.

The withdrawal of Accountor’s business operations from Russia is not expected to have any material economic impact on Accountor. The Russian business accounts for less than 2% of Accountor's turnover.