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Interim Rekrytointi

a+ hybrid supports Accountorians for the future way of working

About 1,5 years ago, Accountorians moved into remote working mode with the rest of the world, forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The transition went surprisingly painlessly, and working has been very smooth from the home offices.

Next up is the transition to a hybrid working model. To make the transition as smooth, Accountor has developed its own a+ hybrid working model.

“I’m really excited to have our own a+ hybrid working model! The model perfectly combines the best aspects of remote and office work. It creates a balanced basis for us to be able to perform, cooperate and develop in our work,” says Mari Vuorre, Accountor's Chief Competence Officer.

Accountorians know where they work best

Trust and respect are Accountor’s values. The a+ hybrid model has been created to conform to those values.

“We trust that Accountorians will do their best wherever they work. We also respect that they know how and where they work best,” says Vuorre.

In practice, after the summer holidays, each team has planned and agreed together on the team's own practices for office and remote working. However, office work will no longer be restricted when the remote working recommendation ends.

According to a survey conducted in the spring, Accountorians especially want to collaborate and meet colleagues in the office. The office premises have also been modified to support hybrid work with various space and furniture solutions.

“We will continue to provide suitable office space where we there are possibilities to meet each other and work productively. Every Accountorian is always welcome to the office,” Vuorre sums up.

With practical experience towards the best model

Accountorians will start working according to the a+ hybrid model in early October. The teams will first learn how to implement the model and evaluate its functionality during the autumn. At the turn of the year, the teams will make changes to their own a+ hybrid playbooks as needed.

“It’s exciting to get to work in our a+ hybrid model. It’s especially nice to see Accountorians in the office again,” says Vuorre enthusiastically.