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Nordic Accountant Federation invited Accountor to share insights on cyber security in the financial management field

Information security is of utmost importance in the financial and HR management. At Accountor, we have developed our measures consistently.

At Accountor, information security is of utmost importance, because our customers trust their sensitive data to us. We take it seriously to ensure our financial and HR management software solutions and personnel handle the data securely and according to latest legislation and regulations.

Because at Accountor we have developed our information security measures consistently, Accountor’s Chief Information Security Officer Mikko Sauranen was invited to the Nordic Accountant Federation’s Convention Event this week to share insights to our industry professionals. The participants were eager to learn more on cybersecurity, such as about potential consequences of cyber attacks for organisations in the accounting and financial industry.

“There are two types of companies in the world: The ones that have faced a data breach and the ones that have been breached but just don’t know it yet”, Sauranen says (citing an unknown information security expert).

While the technical and process capabilities form the basis, Sauranen introduced various other types of best practices for cyber security, such as risk assessment, threat prevention, and regular training for personnel. They are, along with several other security measures, in solid use at Accountor.