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Timo Koivula, Accountor

Timo Koivula, Accountant, Accountor Finland

"I warmly recommend Accountor to students as a good place to start their career"

About Timo

I'm a very honest and hard-working person. I try to keep to deadlines and keep clients happy. The meaning and content of my work is very important and I have a good balance between work and life.

My hobbies:
I read a lot and go to the movies often. Some time ago I started to run and go to the gym as well. It's very important for an office worker.

My favourite music:
Movie soundtracks

My education:
Financial accounting in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

From trainee to accountant

I started at Accountor as a trainee in 2012. While working as an accounting trainee, I finalised my studies and had the opportunity to write my thesis for Accountor. I was really happy that I found a perfect match with Accountor, and after studying financial accounting in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, I've been able to use my skills and learn more. The topic of my University of Applied Sciences thesis was about how to bring a client from traditional to digital accounting so that their competence is a perfect fit with the accounting of the future.

Working as an accountant

After the trainee period, I got a job as an accountant. I was able to use my education fully and I have been working since the beginning with my own clients, and have especially been able to put theory into practice: bringing digital accounting in. I'm developing myself all the time in accounting and have more responsibility with the clients. And a large accounting and financial services company is a safe employer, and there are various special skills and competencies around you. I can ask my colleagues about taxation, legal issues, or accounting-related details when needed.

The future

I’m sure that there is a positive future with accounting work, especially when using all the latest digital software such as Procountor, part of the Accountor Group. My dream is to earn a KLT degree in the future, and the Accountor training programme enhances my skills. I can strongly recommend Accountor for students as a place to start their career. Here is a small secret about my office day: We have a four-leg accounting professional in our team. One of my teammates has a French Bulldog named Mauno, who gives us a lot of joy when he enters the office.