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Payroll services always on time and right

Calculating wages flawlessly and on time is one of the most important financial accounting functions in your company. By outsourcing your payroll services to us, you will have access to payroll specialists and the most modern digitised systems in the field. The service is suitable for both small and large companies.

Best available knowledge in the field

Payroll administration is demanding. Interpreting different salary types, regulations and both collective and local agreements requires special expertise. Outsourcing the payrolls relieves your company’s administrative routines and makes the calculation of wages more effective.

The payroll service is produced by our Payroll Accounting Specialists, who master the current labour legislations and different collective agreements. Our specialists have access to the best and most modern digitised systems and we continuously monitor and develop the quality of our service. Our service measures up to the most strict quality standards.

Outsourcing your payroll accounting

It is possible to outsource the payroll administration as a separate service. However, we do recommend outsourcing the entire financial administration because it offers your company significant synergy benefits. The connected systems enable, amongst other things, the automated transfer of payroll events to bookkeeping and payment. If necessary, the payroll data can be digitally collected from the system used to monitor working hours.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Calculating and paying the wages,
  • Handling the absence and holiday information,
  • Delivering the payslips,
  • Handling the legal measures required by the authorities,
  • Reporting,
  • Archiving the payroll data, and
  • Handling the employee information at all stages of the employment.

Our contact person knows your company

In the early stages of our cooperation, we will map the current state of your payroll administration, its processes and needs, and after that define the optimal practices and systems to suit your requirements. We will designate your company an expert with the knowledge of the specific challenges in your business field. Your designated contact person will always have a named deputy. We want to ensure that the service always remains continuous.

Payroll administration adapted to your needs

The payroll administration is adapted to the existing needs of your company. We will react quickly to changes and adapt the level of outsourcing if needed. Our payroll accountants can also work in your company’s facilities and use your own systems. We also provide digitised payroll management systems to be used by your company.

The benefits of our payroll service:

  • We offer the best specialists and digitised systems in the business field.
  • We carry out your salary calculations well and on time.
  • Our deputy-system ensures that the payroll accounting is continuous.
  • We develop the effectiveness and quality of your payroll accounting processes based on the information we collect. Our specialists aid your company in developing the payroll administration.
  • We operate cost-efficiently, resulting in lower payroll administration costs.
  • We produce the reports relating to payroll administration according to your company’s needs and the requirements set by authorities.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we will be pleased to tell you more.

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