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HR Flow

Best HR processes for your company's success, without additional investment in your own HR staff

HR Flow is a unique, easily scalable HR service that combines digital tools with the expertise of over 100 HR professionals. Agile and fast access. Interested?

What our customers tell?

We have worked with small and medium-sized enterprise customers for years. Our customers recommend our services: Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an outstanding 76.

"HR Flow is easy to use", describes Country Director Pierre Tognetty from ADB Safegate Finland Oy. Using HR Flow helps us to keep all the employees´ information up to date, he explains.

The solution is suitable for:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises that want to organize their HR functions without their own staff or want to use flexible outsourcing services as part of their own HR functions
  • For growth companies that want to develop personnel experience and thus, customer experience
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises that want to use the best practices of experienced HR professionals
  • Companies in change situations with the need to develop their HR functions flexibly and digitally

Our digital solution is built by utilizing Finnish software which enables HR, payroll and time management within same system and database.

Experiences on our service

  • "The cooperation has brought efficiency to everyday life, refined processes and less manual work."
  • "The consultant has quickly got into the organisation, the adaptation has been excellent –  open, constructive, and approachable as a person. Also stops to think. Business-oriented – persistent with managers even in difficult situations and maintaining good employer experience for candidates in recruitment."
  • "The HR Flow system has exceeded expectations. Really clear. There have been no questions from the staff since the first week. There hasn't been any negative feedback, like systems tend to produce in general."
  • "The customer service is always positive and solution-oriented. The ticket system works well; we get answers quickly and the service promise is fulfilled. The tickets don't drown in a mysterious vacuum like with some services."
  • "The consultant has highlighted development proposals and taken in, on his own initiative, staff matters requiring improvement."
  • "The consultant  integrated into the crowd incomprehensibly well; considering, she's there only one day a week. She's a member of the gang and people trust her."

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