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Our culture and employee experience is described by the term “People First”. We put emphasis on human rights, dignity and respect as well as diversity and inclusion. In addition, we lead our business with the highest standards against bribery, corruption and money laundering that extends to our business partners.

We are proud to be ranked in the most desirable employer lists in several countries.

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Working responsibly is the core of our business. We take responsibility not only for our own and our customers’ finances, but also for our partners and for the economy in the society. 

Through the data in our systems, we have a comprehensive, real-time view of economy, which we utilize and share in a responsible way to benefit the society.


We support businesses in reliable, efficient and safe financial and HR management with our advanced digital solutions. 


We want to support future talents by working closely with various educational institutions. We offer our assistance in numerous events, courses, internships and trainee programs to provide a practical grasp of the needs of working life.

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Accountorians take eagerly part in various charity work. At Christmas time, we traditionally show our support via a charity organisation that our employees and customers select by voting.

In the exceptional year 2020, we wanted to support people's wellbeing. Thus we selected to support organisations that work to promote mental health and prevent mental illnesses. Each country that we operate in supports a local organisation.


Our expertise is on digital solutions in finance and HR, that reduce wasteful and outdated ways of working.

We compensate our CO2 emissions in Finland through our own forest in cooperation with Taimiteko

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Accountor Tower

We are developing our premises and their use to reduce the impact on the environment by e.g. recycling our IT equipment in many countries. 

Our head office building, Accountor Tower in Espoo, Finland, has been granted the Breeam Environmental Certificate.