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Accountor and society

Working responsibly is the core of our business. One of our ways to work for the society is through our partnership with the municipality of Ballerup in Denmark. As a result, we employ people with Asperger's syndrome. Through our cooperation, our Danish work community has also gained more diversity, which we respect at Accountor.

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Accountor and charity

Advies financieel management

Working responsibly is the core of our business. We want to make concrete steps to take our responsibilities in the society, too. One of our concrete actions is to assist in the accounting of a volunteer charity organisation in Finland.

"By taking care of the Syöpäklinikan Tukijat ry’s (Cancer Clinic Supporters' Association) accounting, our support for the association is continuous, not just a one-off action," says Anna-Kaisa Packalen, Accounting Service Director at Accountor.

As another concrete action, Accountorians have several years been cycling to support children's cancer foundations as part of the Team Rynkeby God Morgon charity project. 1000km is always a long distance, but it is a journey that the Accountorians want to make, so that we can help seriously ill children in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Faeroe Islands.

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Accountor and environment

High quality accounting services in Russia

Working responsibly is the core of our business. We are constantly developing our services through digitalisation and automation. Thus, we save a considerable amount of paper, which saves our environment.