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Accounting service for SMEs - Accountor Online

Accountor Online: Accounting service for SMEs

Everything you could wish for in financial management for your SME. It's not just about the numbers, but also about bringing efficient processes and clear reports to your company. Minimize your stress with Accountor Online and free up your time to develop your business.

✔️ Outsourced accounting and payroll service
✔️ Management support reports 
✔️ Easy and effortless startup 
✔️ Procountor or Netvisor financial management software 
✔️ Financial manager services according to your needs

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Outsourced Accounting and Payroll Service

We handle your company's statutory accounting, payroll, and regulatory reporting accurately and on time. The most advanced industry practices ensure easy transactions, high quality, and evolving services for your company. 

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Visual reports to support your management

We have developed an advanced reporting tool in collaboration with our clients, allowing you to obtain real-time and accurate information about your company's financial status. Monthly key figures, industry comparisons, and convenient report distribution features make it easier to manage your company's finances.

Easy and effortless startup

Our experienced Onboarding team takes care of service initiation and software training. During the startup meeting, we review your company's financial management specifics and agreed tasks on both sides. We have designed the startup process to be as effortless as possible for you.

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The most advanced financial management software

You get access to the Procountor or Netvisor financial management software that best suits your needs. With versatile and easy-to-use software, you can make the entries you want or simply monitor the progress of outsourced work.

By integrating other services into your financial management software, you automate electronic processes and enhance your operations. Solutions that can be connected to the ecosystem include ERP, purchasing, sales, inventory, manufacturing, credit card, or e-commerce applications.

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Every company deserves its own financial manager

Whatever financial questions and needs your company has, your designated financial manager will assist you. We interpret financial figures with you, create a budget and a preliminary financial statement, ensuring your company stays on track. We work with you to ensure your company's profitability, liquidity, and solvency remain healthy. We are like your own financial manager!

Yes, definitely, I am a happy customer! It’s very easy to use, very professional. It’s connected with other systems. The banking connection is the most important one. The English language gives me good access to the system.

Rutger Veerman, Owner, Vimexa

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Vimexa Rutger Veerman

5 good reasons to choose Accountor Online as your financial administration service

1. Financial administration that looks and feels right

Accountor Online covers all areas of financial administration, including reporting.  When the service is activated, we carry out a needs assessment to help us agree on a division of duties between you and your accountant. The division of duties can be agreed flexibly.

2. Consultation to support your company’s growth

When you want to take your financial administration to the next level, our experts are here for you. As your company’s needs change, we grow with you. Our consulting accountant is always just one email or phone call away.

3. Swift and real-time financial administration

We develop financial administration processes with you in order to improve the speed and efficiency of accounting. All your company’s financial data are available anywhere, anytime in the Procountor suite, including on mobile. Easily retrieve reports directly from the software.

4. Transparent and predictable pricing

You pay for the service and system based on the actual number of receipts without hidden fees or surprise expenses. For general ledger accounting, we can agree on a fixed monthly price to be billed evenly throughout the year. Get high-quality accounting services at predictable prices.

5. Access to a wide range of expertise

Accountor Online can be complemented handily with payroll and HR services. Clients of our comprehensive solution covering accounting, payroll and HR services appreciate worry-free service and efficient financial administration.

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