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Accountor Online

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Accountor Online, a completely digital financial management service

Accountor Online offers you a better way to manage your company’s entire economy. It includes everything you need to take care of your company’s financial management – in one package.

What is Accountor Online?

Accountor Online combines digital tools and personal service to support your business. It includes everything you need for your financial management: accounting, sales and purchase invoice processing, travel and expense claims,  payroll services, reporting and a financial management expert at your service.


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Why to choose Accountor Online?

One service provider using one digital service will provide you everything you need for your company's financial management. There is no need for data transfer between systems nor several passwords.

Many companies agonise between several financial management systems. There might be a separate system for accounting, payroll administration, travel expenses as well as purchase and sales invoicing. Having many parallel systems takes time and costs money for the client. Accountor Online offers a solution that covers all parts of financial management, including reporting. You as a client have access to one user-friendly cloud service where you can either add records or just follow the progress of an outsourced work. The distribution of work can be flexibly agreed on with the bookkeeper.

In addition to our digital solutions, we always offer personal service for you. As our client you have designated accountant who is responsible for you services.

We believe that local, personal service and a designated contact person are the foundation for at fruitful and long-term client relationship. Our services are not produced by an unfamiliar group of people, where the accountant changes monthly, but by the same expert from month to month. Through the close co-operation our experts learn to know their clients and their needs. Our experts are always available – either by e-mail, phone or face-to-face.

You will pay for the service and system according to the actual amount of vouchers. This means that there will be no hidden expenses or surprising cost. Accountor Online is the only available digital financial management service which pricing is purely based on the actual amount of vouchers.

We do not charge our clients separately on an hourly basis for normal, agreed work, and we do not surprise our customer with an unusually large invoice at the end of the fiscal year. Neither do we place a minimum invoicing amount per month – in other words we do not require the client to pay for service they have not used. A price per unit has been agreed on for each voucher type. The price functions as a basis for the invoicing which is based only on actual amounts of materialised vouchers. The price per voucher includes all expenses for both the system and the work done. It also includes the costs for data traffic. The client always has the possibility to go into the system and check the current monthly amount of vouchers. A monthly price, which also includes the work for financial statements, is usually set for the general ledger. This price is then invoiced evenly throughout the year. As our client you are able to predict your financial management costs.

920 * 1226 px