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Updated 14.7.2020

Accountor policy is that employees prefer safety and follow always the stricter Coronavirus instructions in their countries. Our target to deliver all customer work normally and provide great customer service in any situation remains. Accountor encourages all Accountorians to work on our common safety together and cont

In addition, to all general instructions and guidelines, Accountors own central contingency measures are as follows:

  • All employees who can work from home are encouraged to do so – this measure also protects the employees who are working at the office premises. Employees working at our customer premises are instructed to follow the customer’s instructions, but remote work is encouraged if possible.
  • Employees returning from abroad will automatically work remotely.
  • Employees are advised to avoid traveling and obey the movement restrictions.
  • All employees, whose family member/members have been quarantined, are to work remotely.
  • Social distance of 1 to 2 meters needs to be applied.
  • Gatherings to rooms should be avoided and virtual participation to meetings is preferred choice also within employees working at the same office.
  • As of now, Accountor does not organize face-to-face events for + 50 people until further notice and virtual participation options will be arranged for customers.
  • It is recommended to arrange customer meetings and consultation work via online meetings and other means of remote work.
  • Accountor provides trainings using remote work tools whenever possible.
  • Technical readiness for remote working has been increased with different measures, such as:
    • necessary software’s have been installed to workstations.
    • help is arranged for moving the workstation to home office if necessary.
    • employees, who do not have the required remote access have been identified, and remote access is arranged if necessary.
    • all data restrictions are removed from cell phone plans, so they can be utilized for remote working.
    • delivering necessary customer material for employees working remotely has been taken care of.
    • our aim is to provide all employees with the possibility to work remotely.
  • With continuous monitoring and reacting to changing situations, we have so far been able to avoid coronavirus infections and the impacts on customer work.