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Accountor raises as the 50th most attractive employer in Finland

Accountor became the 50th most attractive employer in Finland for business students. The ranking is based on the latest research results by Universum, in which Accountor is the only company in the field of financial and human resources management among the 100 most attractive employers in Finland. We are happy and humble about our result.

Thank you to all the nearly 4000 business students who participated in the study for this recognition. We look forward to continuing our collaboration! Students are the skills of the future that we want to encourage and support during their studies.

More than 14 000 university students were interviewed for the study.  They shared their own views on employers and their expectations of working life. The students told what qualities they value most in an employer and what things influence their employer selection. The students felt that the most important features of work are diverse work assignments, a friendly atmosphere, respect for individuals, and a competitive salary.

Universum badge student Finland 2021