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ERTO approved the outcome of Accountor's collective agreement negotiations in Finland

Today, the Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO in Finland approved the outcome of the negotiations on the collective agreement of Accountor, a company operating in the financial administration sector, both in the member voting and on the Board. ERTO is committed to participating the will of its members in promoting of interests.

In the member voting, 73% were in favor of the outcome of the negotiations and over a quarter left the matter to the union to decide. 

According to general alignment, the contract period is two years. Wage increases during the first year will be 2,0 percent, in addition to which the company's internal payroll item of 0,2 percent. Increases will be distributed from 1.3. onwards.

"The collective agreement negotiations took place in a good spirit and responsibly in good time before the end of the current contract period," says Juri Aaltonen, Chairman of ERTO.

The contract period ends on 28.2.2022.

“We are very pleased with the negotiation process and the outcome of the collective agreement for the Finnish service business of the international software and service company Accountor. Mutual trust and the will to build the future together reflect Accountor’s values. For my part, I would like to thank both the Accountor personnel representatives and ERTO for their cooperation," says Niklas Sonkin, President and CEO of Accountor.

Nationwide collective agreement negotiations in Finland for financial administration field continues on 21.1.2022.

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Chairman of ERTO, Juri Aaltonen, tel. +358 40 553 8536,