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The information request and identification survey related to the Money Laundering Act is topical

The Money Laundering Act also obliges Accountor

The Money Laundering Act also obliges us at Accountor to identify our customers and to investigate information about business operations and ownership, such as matters concerning beneficial owners. The Money Laundering Act also requires us to identify our customer's representative and to find out about any political influence they may have.

For these reasons, we have sent and will send a reminder to your company to accept the identification and information request by email.

The collected data can be used, if necessary, to identify and monitor our customer companies and, as defined by law, to prevent, detect and investigate money laundering and terrorist financing.

After receiving the message, please let us know the details of the new contact person if you do not have the right to sign under the Trade Register.

If you have any questions, please contact your Accountor contact person.