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Financial control and management

Support for a rapid change of a company's operational environment

The rapid change of a company’s operational environment makes the organising and developing of financial management demanding. We offer you our knowledge and experience when you need support in planning and managing changes in your financial administration. We offer financial consulting to companies of all sizes and in all business fields.

Functionality and effectiveness in your financial management through planning

The greatest challenges in financial management are fragmental practices, out-dated methods, strict cost pressure and lack of up-to-date financial information. The more complicated the company structure and the more systems in use, the more challenging the organising of the financial administration becomes.

Our experienced experts and financial consultants help you optimize your financial administration process and plan a more cost-efficient way for your company to operate. We know the best practices and systems in the field and can create the best operating model for your company.

Planning for change begins with financial mapping

The planning process begins with mapping the current state of your company’s financial administration. In the centre of the planning process is your company’s objective and intent. After the initial mapping we set the goals and define the best-suited practices and systems to achieve them. At the same time we evaluate if some of the functions and systems can be outsourced.

Through the mapping process you will get a clear picture of your company’s financial administration’s main development targets. As a result of the planning for change process you will receive a written summary report, which will be gone through together. The change will be easier to execute by following the concrete progress plan.

Financial management as an asset

When the change in your financial administration is managed and put into practice well, your company’s financial administration functions and systems will work seamlessly together. In many cases simple routines can be automated. The successful development work offers your company considerable savings and your company is ready for the change better than before.

The benefits of planning for change:

  • The goals of your company will be clarified.
  • Your company’s operation will be more effective and the amount of errors decreases.
  • Considerable savings for your company.
  • You receive a proposal for the possibilities of automation and outsourcing.
  • Your company will be better prepared for changes.

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