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Group reporting

Group reporting with high expertise

Do you need group consolidated reporting from experienced financial experts? Do your mergers and acquisitions require statutory consolidated financial statements? We offer you consolidated financial statements in accordance with the FAS and IFRS standards.

Group reporting requires special knowledge

Consolidated financial statements are our vocation. Our group reporting team has special expertise. As our client you are outsourcing the routines associated with consolidated reporting, you will have access to a service that is independent from any system and an accomplished personnel without having to worry about recruitment. If necessary, we can start the process quickly.

We make the consolidated financial statements with experience and expertise in accordance with the FAS and IFRS standards for both domestic and foreign groups.

The consolidated financial statements include:

  • Elimination of internal items,
  • Accounting for minority shares,
  • Accounting for associated companies,
  • Appropriations,
  • Other group eliminations, and
  • Calculation of key figures,
  • Group reporting, such as, group consolidations reports, consolidated income statements and balance sheets, consolidated cash flow statements, consolidated balance sheet books and stock exchange reporting.

If necessary, we can provide you the consolidated cash flow statement and the consolidated balance sheet book also at another point of time than just with the annual financial statements.

The consolidation reports can be accessed in digital form and you have a view of the whole group consolidation figures. You can also include budgeting, prediction and other needed reports.

Our service suits:

  • Growing companies that have the need to draw up a statutory consolidated financial statement.
  • Consolidated corporations where the financial administration and reporting are done with minimal human resources.
  • Consolidated groups that follow their business and financial figures regularly but do not want to burden their own financial personnel.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we will be pleased to tell you more.