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HR and Payroll reports

HR and Payroll reports for efficient HR management

With Accountor’s HR and payroll reports you can effortlessly follow employees’ HR and payroll information in real time. Informative reports and statistics provide a solid foundation for managing the company's personnel for the management as well as the individual supervisors.

Informative statistics and graphs

Different reports and statistics are a big advantage of the service. Graphs made from statistics help you to visualize information such as changes in a payroll data or in a structure of employments. You can get the big picture when needed or you can filter necessary facts. Because of this it is possible to use only chosen information instead of all that is available.

Easy to share and add

You can easily share different statistics and graphs or add them in presentations. Great filter options help you to select information you need. Thanks to this necessary annual reports considering HR and payroll can be put together efficiently.

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