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Accountor acquires accounting and payroll services from Deloitte´s Swedish operations

The acquisition of Deloitte´s accounting and payroll services in Sweden is now finalized. Close to 120 consultants join Accountor, which strengthens its core business and widens the geographical footprints across Sweden and in the Nordics. 

“This is an important part of our growth journey. After this acquisition, Accountor employs more than 2,400 consultants worldwide, offering our 150,000 customers expertise in finance, accounting, HR, and payroll. As our customers strive to grow and develop, we support them in building efficient and long-lasting businesses", says Niklas Sonkin, Accountor’s Group President, and CEO.

Businesses today face complex issues, with increased digitization and hundreds of new rules and regulations. This makes the role of an accounting or payroll consultant more important than ever, impacting both customers and society at large.

"Accountor is one of Sweden's largest companies in accounting and payroll. We are leading because we have a broader perspective on our role and our contribution to society. Working with an innovative and curious mindset, and in close partnership with our customers, we create efficient processes which enables successful businesses”, says Magnus Högvall, CEO of Accountor Sweden.

"We look forward to welcoming our new employees. With this acquisition, Accountor strengthens its core business and presence on the Swedish market. Now we are over 500 consultants working with payroll, accounting, reporting, taxes, and business advice in 18 locations around Sweden. Through our shared competence and business understanding, we will create new possibilities for our employees to grow and be successful together with our customers”, says Sofia Bley Claesson, HR director for Accountor Sweden.

Accountor´s locations in Sweden: Stockholm, Västervik, Gävle, Lund, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Karlstad, Karlskoga, Kalmar, Växjö, Nybro, Karlskrona, Funäsdalen, Järpen, Sundsvall, Luleå, Östersund and Umeå.