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Accountor engages its supply chain in sustainable business practices to grow positive impact

Accountor is a trusted partner in financial and HR management solutions and services, committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. We seek to grow our positive impact also through our supply chain and engage our suppliers to contribute.

Since the beginning of 2023, Accountor has systematically focused on making make more and more sustainable purchasing decisions every day. To ensure our development, we have set sustainability standard and targets for our procurement activities, and introduced a Code of Conduct for Suppliers for the basis of cooperation with our suppliers. 

By mid-2023 we have already assessed 10 important suppliers covering about 15 M€ purchase volume. Our target is to increase the assessment to 25 important suppliers by end of 2023. 

To reach our target, we are sending an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) questionnaire for all our suppliers during November. The assessment will reveal where we can develop further.

“Accountor is committed to high sustainable and ethical standards. Our intention is to maintain and act upon a long-term view in the way we conduct and develop our business, serve our clients, invest and give back to the communities in which we and our clients live and work. Only together, can we make a meaningful impact”, says Mari Vuorre, Accountor’s Chief Competence and Sustainability Officer.

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