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Sustainability at Accountor Group

We are accountable

We are Accountorians and the name Accountor comes from the English word accountability. Therefore, an Accountorian is a responsible person you can trust and who is willing to accept responsibility for their actions.

Working in a sustainable manner is the core of our business. At Accountor, sustainability primarily means confidentiality, secure handling of information, ethical operations, and putting our people first.

Accountor’s values – respect, trust, courage and future – guide our operation. Our sustainability stems from the trust our customers grant us when they authorise us to handle their confidential material. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our daily operations, and we take it very seriously. We also want to treat people and handle our business in a sustainable way – now and in the future,” says Niklas Sonkin, our CEO.

Accountor's sustainability themes: People, Environment, Governance
We show our sustainability in different ways, please learn more.

Contribution and ratings

Global compact and EcoVadis logos

Accountor is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business. 

Our long-term work towards sustainable business has been recognised with Bronze EcoVadis Medal. According to the rating, Accountor is among the top 50 percent of all businesses evaluated in EcoVadis sustainability rating in our industry.

Accountor consistently increases contribution to sustainability. In our ESG Policy we state our values, our ambition and ways of working for a better Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) impact.

To ensure that our suppliers follow high level of sustainability and ethical principles in their operations, we use a Code of Conduct for Suppliers and conduct sustainability audits. We require all new suppliers to approve it as a prerequisite of our collaboration.