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Three ways to receive Accountor's invoices

We aim to operate more environmentally friendly and improve the speed and reliability of our invoice delivery. Primarily we favor E-invoicing and secondly email (PDF format) as invoicing methods.


Paper invoice

We prefer environmentally friendly invoicing methods. That is why the paper invoice is chargeable. Please read about our free of charge alternatives, email invoice and E-invoice.

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Email invoice

An email finds to its destination easily and safely. If you receive your invoices in paper and want to switch over to environmentally friendly and free of charge email invoicing, email us to

When you pay an email invoice you need to type in the invoice information in your online bank service and deliver the invoice to your accountant. If you want to minimize invoice handling time, choose E-invoicing.

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If your company already has an E-invoice address or a service enabling E-invoicing, let us know that you want to receive your invoices as E-invoices by emailing to Please include in your email: Your company's name and business ID, E-invoice address and operator ID. Also give your post address or scanning service address.

If you are still considering whether to switch over to E-invoicing you will get support from Accountor’s sales at

What is E-invoicing?

An E-invoice is an invoice in digital and machine-readable format. It is transmitted to a buyer company or organization via an E-invoice operator.

The E-invoice reaches its destination in a couple of minutes. The buyer company receives the E-invoice directly to its financial management software for auditing and paying. There is no need for scanning or printing the E-invoice. However, it is possible to view the E-invoice as a paper invoice-like-image on a computer screen.  

Compared to paying a paper or an email invoice the E-invoice takes significantly less time. An E-invoice receiver does away with paper prints and typing in the invoice information. This is why many companies prefer receiving E-invoices.

If you want to switch over to E-invoicing, please contact Accountor’s sales. You will get tips how to digitalize your financial management using for example Accountor Go or Accountor Online service. You’ll reach our experts by sending email to, calling 020 744 2000 of filling in the contact form below.