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Automatiserad bokföring online digitalt konsult

Accountor Online - automated bookkeeping online

Accountor Online - automated bookkeeping online

The company’s bookkeeping online – Everything you need in one package

Accountor Online is our comprehensive digital solution for accounting and bookkeeping online, specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Now you can have simple and effective accounting administration with a high degree of automation.

With Accountor Online, you get a combination of modern, cloud-based software and a personal accounting consultant who helps you the whole way.

Advantages of Accountor Online

  1. Everything you need in one package
  2. Get expert help when you need it
  3. Log in anywhere, at any time
  4. Just pay for what you use
  5. Entirely paperless bookkeeping
  6. Choose what parts you want to do yourself, or let us handle everything
  7. Structure your own start page with information that is relevant to you
  8. Updated figures with direct bank connection
  9. Photograph receipts with your mobile phone (option)
  10. Easily take out your own reports
  11. High degree of automation
  12. Secure storage of all data in the cloud

Choose which parts of the accounting you want to outsource and influence the price

You choose what parts of the accounting you want to keep inhouse and what you want to outsource to us as an accounting firm. Of course, we can take care of all of your accounting.

Your growth journey is prepared

Does your company have the ambition to grow? Good. We have already prepared the way ahead, both with staffing and expertise, as well as processes and know-how.

When your company is small scale, a low cost for bookkeeping is important, and when you grow, you want to be able to bring in the extra resources and support needed; in both cases, the answer is Accountor Online.

Skilled accounting consultants help you

With Accountor Online, you have one contact point to everything that concerns your company’s finances. One accounting consultant, who is an expert in your company’s challenges, gives you the support you need.

Your consultant is in turn backed up by a team of colleagues, each with different experiences and competencies – one of the strengths of outsourcing.

Automated e-bookkeeping

How it works: All of the bookkeeping documents and invoices are scanned in or created directly in the accounting system. Through bookkeeping templates, many of the invoices can be booked automatically. Payments are made after approval directly in the accounting system and reports back from the bank are automatically booked. Add digital handling of travel expense claims and expenses (photograph receipts with your mobile phone) and get a highly automated accounting administration.

You log into the accounting system on your computer or tablet, wherever and whenever you want, over the web browser.

Accounting near you

Even with bookkeeping online, it can be nice to meet sometimes to check on things. We have accounting offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Lund, Gävle, Karlstad, Karlskoga and Västervik.

What does Accountor Online cost?

Your monthly price is based on the actual number of verifications combined with what parts you have chosen to outsource.


Annual accounts/Annual report
Digitalise expenses and travel expense claims (photograph receipts with the mobile phone)
Income tax return (income tax returns for the company and privately)
Advice and accounting consultant
HR Services
Document archiving (in addition to bookkeeping verifications)
Internal reporting

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