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Bookkeeping - Customised solution for you

We want to help you with the ongoing administrative work. We have the knowledge, practices and processes for a really efficient bookkeeping. With an outsourced solution, you always ensure delivery on time and you avoid staffing problem.

You do not need to think about the running bookkeeping; we do it for you. With our bookkeeping services, you get access to the expertise, procedures and processes for a really efficient bookkeeping. Outsourced bookkeeping always means a secured delivery and you avoid staffing issues. We also have broad expertise in many different bookkeeping systems so that you always have bookkeeping that is suited to your needs.

Our bookkeeping services

You will have the best combination of software and consulting help based on your needs; we see to it. If you want help with bookkeeping, we recommend you choose Accountor Online - our comprehensive solution for the company’s accounting management and bookkeeping.

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Bookkeeping the way you want it

In order for you to get the best solution for your company, holding,undertaking, enterprises bookkeeping, we evaluate many parameters and choose the solutions that best reflect your company’s needs. We help you regardless whether you run a limited company, sole proprietorship, partnership or association. Would you like to learn more about our flexible bookkeeping services? Contact us!

Bokföring anpassat efter dig Accountor

“The best combination of software and consulting help based on your needs”

Your growth journey is prepared

Does your company have the ambition to grow? Good. We have already prepared the way ahead, both with staffing and expertise, as well as processes and know-how. It should be inspiring to develop the business and we are here for you when you want to have more focus on the core business and have time to do what you are best at, running a business.

Whether you are a small business operator or work at a large company, we are here, all the way. When your company is small scale, a low cost for bookkeeping is important, and when you grow, you want to be able to bring in the extra resources and support needed. You are always close to our experts, who know your industry and reality.

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