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Ten Accountor service companies will merge as Accountor Services Oy

The corporate structure of Accountor Services will be streamlined by combining companies providing financial management and HR services into one Accountor Services Oy (Business ID 0932167-9) on 1 January 2021. After the mergers, there will be one company instead of the previous ten limited liability companies.

"The most significant change for our customers occurred already in the beginning of 2020, when we merged the organisations of Accountor's Outsourcing Services and Accountor HR4 and their services into a single entity. This merger is a natural continuum that will practically streamline our administration", says Country Manager Petteri Heikinheimo.

The following companies will merge into Accountor Services Oy as of 1 January 2021

  • Accountor Advisors Oy
  • Accountor Consulting Oy
  • Accountor Tilipalvelut Oy
  • Accountor Taloushallintopalvelut Oy
  • Accountor Palkkapalvelut Oy
  • Accountor Kirjanpitopalvelut Oy
  • Accountor Laskentapalvelut Oy
  • Accountor Talouspalvelut Oy
  • Accountor HR4 Oy
  • Accountor Ulkoistuspalvelut Oy

The merger clarifies our communication

"We will communicate centrally as Accountor in the future. HR4, well-known company name among hr decision-makers, will go down in history in connection with the merger, and high-quality expertise and quality are now part of Accountor's expert services", says Minna Kinnunen, Business Director of HR and Financial Development Services at Accountor.

"We can help companies with needs related to financial, legal, tax and HR issues. It is easier for our customers to make business when they don't need multiple partners for different services. Accountor has an excellent ability to provide continuous and project-based services with 1 000 experts", Kinnunen adds.

How is the merger practically visible to our customers?

The change in the legal structure will not affect the service or contact persons. The change will be visible in our invoices as a change in the company name sending the invoice and as a new bank account.

Customers whose name and business ID of the company providing the service will change and with whom Accountor has a valid authorisation must accept the authorisation for the new company.

Government authorities will close the Katso services on 30 April 2021, so all customers who use Katso authorisation must also accept the authorisation. The authorisation request can be found on and a separate notification will not be sent out.

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