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Vimexa has been working with Accountor from the day one

Accountor has all the expertise under one roof

Vimexa is a global car tyre and wheel distributor with business operating in Finland and the Netherlands. Vimexa has an international customer base in 28 countries, from Reykjavik (Iceland) to Sydney (Australia). Vimexa’s main products are premium car and truck tyres, and Vimexa moves them by large volumes in trailers and containers from A to B.

Vimexa opened a subsidiary office in Finland 5 years ago, all the paperwork and the “tips & tricks” were completed by Accountor. In 2020 Vimexa changed its business structure to a limited liability company in Finland. Veerman comments, With all these steps and developments, Accountor has been on my side".

Wide portfolio of experts and services were deciding factors

Vimexa chose Accountor because availability of wide portfolio of experts and services. Accountor has extensive service options and a wide portfolio of experts. The availability of fast service and good customer service in English were deciding factors for Veerman. “I would say that Accountor’s service level is very good in English”, Veerman says.

Accountor Online makes the life of a business owner much easier

Accountor Online helps Vimexa with many aspects of international trade. Vimexa established direct communication between their logistic forwarder and Accountor, which makes monitoring and monthly imports and exports registration easier through the Accountor Online platform. Procountor also links items like customs, duties, and taxation. Veerman says, “With Accountor Online, there are good reporting tools, statistics, and e-invoicing possibilities”.

Veerman is happy to recommend Accountor Online to other entrepreneurs: 

“Yes, definitely, I am a happy customer! It’s very easy to use, very professional. As I mentioned, it’s connected with other systems. The banking connection is the most important one. The English language gives me good access to the system". 

Benefits of using Accountor Online:  

  1. “It is fully integrated with my (OP) banking, and it is real-time updated".
  2. The dashboard is an overview of the administration and a quick summary of the situation".
  3. "It is a cloud-based service with daily backups of all administration. The service is available 24/7 anywhere the world.”

“Accountor Online makes the life of a business owner much easier.” , Veerman comments.

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