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Create budget easily with Accountor Budgeting services

Budget is one of the most important calculations in business. Our budgeting services makes it easy to create a budget for your company. The service also allows real-time monitoring of how the budget is realised.

Budgeting helps in planning your business activities

Accountor Budgeting makes it fast and easy to create alternative budgets along with illustrative graphics for many years ahead. You can create many scenarios by changing individual figures in a budget. Calculations from earlier years can be used as a basis for a new budget, which makes the task faster. All the calculations done in the Budgeting service can be printed, sent by e-mail, or transferred to Excel sheets.

Enjoy easy and profitable budgeting

Our digital tool allows you to create a budget, perform tracking, and create reports. The tool is linked to your company’s bookkeeping, which allows you to see changes rapidly. The budgeting service is suitable for companies of all sizes. 

Help is always available for budgeting

A carefully and correctly created budget is an excellent tool for developing your business. We also offer consultancy on using the budgeting service and interpreting the key indicators. If you are not interested in using the tool, you can outsource creation of budget proposals and monitoring of the budget to us. Meetings to analyse your company’s finances can be held quarterly, for example. Help is always available, so feel welcome to use it when needed!

Benefits of the budgeting service:

  • You will get an easy-to-use tool for creating budgets and forecasts.
  • You will have access to reports with versatile graphics, metrics, and key indicators.
  • You can create a budget by cost centre, department, or area of responsibility.

Would you like to use the budgeting service? Contact us for further information.

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