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Follow your company's finance easily through reports

Our Reporting service offers you a digital reporting tool and regular discussions with your accountant about the finances of your company. With real-time visual reports, you always remain aware of your company’s financial situation.

Make use of your accountant’s expertise

Accountor Reporting offers you access to real-time financial reports on your company. You can also include regular discussions with your contact person in the service. The reporting tool and discussions give you a deeper understanding of your company’s finances.

Benefit from customized reporting

Companies have unique needs that vary — depending, for instance, on the company’s size and field of operation. That is why we customise our digital reporting service to the unique needs of each of our corporate customers. The service allows us to offer information that is tailored exactly for the needs of your company. The reports available in the browser-based Accountor Reporting service are clear and informative. Illustrative graphics and images make financial data easier to perceive.

Benefits of the service:

  • Informative reports and user-friendly images and graphics make it easy for you to keep informed about your company’s financial position. 
  • The reports can be tailored according to your specific needs. 
  • Joint meetings and discussions help you benefit more from the expertise of your accountant.

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