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Reporting Services


Oivallus Report

*Currently only available in Finnish.

See your company’s finances at a glance

With Oivallus Report, you can track your company’s financial situation and its development effortlessly even if you are not a financial administration expert. The reports and their contents differ depending on whether your business is a sole proprietorship or limited company.

You will be notified by email whenever a new report has been compiled for your company. Easy and effortless!

Oivallus Report includes:

  • For sole proprietorships and limited companies, once a month: Financial Insights Report

The report contains your company’s key performance indicators. It also includes written observations and development suggestions by our experts on what the figures mean and to which areas you should give attention. See an example of the report for sole proprietorships here and for limited companies here.

  • For limited companies, quarterly: Industry Benchmark Report

The report compares your company’s performance indicators on profitability, growth, liquidity and equity ratio with the industry average. See an example of the report here.

The Oivallus Report is also available in our Accountor Go accounting service.

Accountor Online Suuntaraportointi-ohjelmisto Tuloskortti-raportti lisäpalvelu

Suunta Reporting

Drill down for a deeper analysis of figures

This reporting service provides readers with experience in reading financial reports with a detailed analysis of the company’s financial situation. We produce the reports in cooperation with Finadeck.

Suunta Reporting includes:

  • Continuous real-time data from financial software

You get 24/7 access to data from the latest generation of smart cloud-based financial management and reporting software.
    + Customise reports based on your company’s needs
    + Easily compare your company with industry and competitor benchmarks
    + Easily combine data from operational business with data imported from financial administration applications

See an example of what the service looks like here.

  • Once a month: Scorecard Report - *Currently only available in Finnish

The Scorecard Report lists your company’s key performance indicators and compares them with the industry benchmark. You will be notified by email when a new accounting and monthly Scorecard Report are available for your company. See an example of the report here.

Accuna Raportointi Accountor Online konsernilaskenta kornserniraportointi konsernin raportointi budjetointi

Accuna Reporting

Reporting service for the needs of large companies

We customise the service according to the unique needs of each client company. The browser-based Accuna Reporting service provides reports that are informative and easy to read. The service is suitable for larger enterprises and groups of companies, for example.

Accuna Reporting includes:

  • Monitor your company’s financial situation with informative reports and easy-to-understand illustrations and graphics. 
  • Reports can be customised to your needs. 

See an example of a report here.

You can supplement Accuna Reporting with the Accuna Budgeting add-on service.

Comparisons based on reports


Oivallus Report
Suunta Reporting
Accuna Reporting
Automatic email notifications on new reports 
Monthly summary report of financial KPIs 
Industry benchmark reports 
Automatic submission of reports to selected recipients 
Possibility to add your company’s own KPIs on reports 
Financial monitoring on the business cluster, company and cost object levels 
Individual reports for cost centres on one view 
Possibility to import third-party financial administration data 
Concern reporting 


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