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HR-tjänster, lönsamhet och framgång med medarbetaren i fokus

Establishing a company in Finland

Establish a new company easily

Accountor will provide you all the help you need when establishing a new company. We can help you to minimize risks which can be a part of starting a company. With us you can get your business up and running in no time.

Professional help from the start to minimize risks

It is always a big decision to start a new business. Because of this it is wise to use a professional help from the beginning of the process. By doing this you can make sure that everything has been taken care of in a right way and on time. Our professionals will be at your service from filling out first papers all the way to accounting.

When you are starting a new company you should focus on getting it up and running instead of worrying about technical details. With help from Accountor’s  specialists you can trust that all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of on time. Our specialists will help you with taxes, arranging company’s management and questions concerning necessary insurances and employment relationships.

Choosing the best company form

When it is time to start a new company you need to think first what kind of company form you want for your business. The most popular options are a sole trader and a join-stock company. You should think this through carefully because of the company form will affect the risk you are taking. That is why we recommend that you will use professional help when choosing a company form.

Our professionals here in Accountor have strong background concerning these questions of the best company form for different kind of businesses. We can help you to minimize risks when you choose a form for your new company.

Establishing actions and reporting to the necessary registers

Needed actions for establishing a company are different depending on the form chosen for the company. For example a joint-stock company will be established differently than a sole trade company. Our professionals have years of experience handling these questions so you will get the help you need for establishing your business.

You also need to report your company to a trade register and  necessary registers of Tax Administration. As a new business owner it can be difficult to know what information needs to be reported and where. With help from our specialists you can be sure that everything will be taking care of in a right way and on time.

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