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Almost two million robot transactions executed at Accountor

Accountor started Intelligent Automation (IA) project including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), existing system automation and lean about 2 years ago with a piloting in Denmark and Finland. A little over a year ago, the IA operations were expanded to also include Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the Netherlands.

Great progress to benefit our customers

The journey has been extraordinary – it has most certainly brought Accountor IA operations to a totally new level. And what is most important, all the efforts done for automations and improving our processes, have and will help us serve our clients in a faster, more accurate and systematic way. With IA, we can focus on more consultative approach in customer service instead of routines – certainly benefiting our customers.

The amazing one million robot transaction limit was exceeded in May, and we will soon reach the level of two million robot transactions – maybe already by the end of this month! A transaction means one individual task or set of tasks given to the robot to execute. 

Progress continues at an ever-increasing pace

As said, the journey has been really incredible. Teams in different countries have worked hard to improve our operations and release time from our business to be able to offer more value-added services to our customers. Although there is still a lot to improve and develop, the work already starts to pay off.

The usage of the automations already created is increasing day by day. The jobs executed by robots increased by 6 times in June alone. The jobs are sets of similar transactions performed for multiple customers.

“Starting from a level of about 500 daily jobs, the number of jobs jumped up to a level of 3000 jobs every day. I think that is truly amazing! 3000 jobs that give time for us to better serve our customers, every day!” tells Terja Koskenoja, IA Lead Analyst at Accountor.

The automation work will continue at Accountor. The next automations are ready for Accountorians to start using them soon.