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Did you know that work time management can be a competitive advantage in the future?

Smart work time management systems not only support managers in work shift planning, but ultimately increase employees' wellbeing at work and their experience of equal treatment. In addition, the implementation of such system is effortless within half a day. The best system is created by combining artificial intelligence with deep industry knowledge and feedback collected from users.

Intelligent work time management is based on a genuine understanding of the requirements of selected industries, the everyday life in companies and the surrounding labour legislation. Solutions developed together with users serve the everyday life of companies operating in Finland today efficiently – and humanely.

It is a common assumption that IT projects are massive and time-consuming projects. However, a work time management system can be in use in as little as four hours at best. This is made possible by an operating model honed over the years.

The best result is reached with participative work shift planning

Artificial intelligence has become a trending word, but efficiency is not built solely with automation. The best practices arise from the combination of automation and experts who understand the industry.

It is significantly more efficient for the system to communicate something essential to the user and guide them to the right actions than for the system to reach the end point as quickly as possible without the user's involvement. The optimal result in work time management is created with the combination of a machine and a professional, as they together form the best employee experience.

Humanity is an important part of time management. Planning vacations is a fun activity for each of us, and the opportunity for us to present our wishes about it gives a good basis for showing mutual flexibility in terms of work.

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Automation increases equality at workplace

Every now and then, we hear about a delusion that the use of automation would reduce autonomy, that is, the employee's ability to influence their own work shifts. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. It is automation that enables equal and inclusive planning. It is possible to accept a vast amount of wishes and changes from the employees and handle them more equally than with manual work time management. The loudest employee in the work community no longer gets an advantage, but everyone’s wishes are treated as equally valuable. This is part of sustainable corporate governance and increases the wellbeing and equality in the working community.

The optimal end result in work time management is created with the combination of a machine and a professional, as they together form the best employee experience.”

Aiming towards work time management that increases the autonomy of the employees, shows courage from the management in desiring to change old, accustomed operating methods. Investing in the employee experience is also a key competitive advantage for all companies in the ever-increasing race for the best talent. People value the ability to manage their work-life balance more and more, and it has become one of the key criteria when people are choosing a new employer.

Choose your software partner carefully

If it takes an unreasonably long time to deliver a work time management system, the software partner does not really have the best solution. In this case, the customer is made to pay for the development work. The software partner must take the customer to the path of development, not the other way around. That is why it is important to choose a partner who has a comprehensive view of a work time management system, and whose software includes a wide range of solutions for industry-specific challenges in the local market. At Accountor, we have acquired this kind of understanding from countless conversations with users, testing and iteration rounds, based on which we do continuous development work. As a result, the entire industry develops and all companies can benefit from it.

A correct and high-quality working time solution pays for itself quickly, even in a small company. In the end, it’s all about efficiency and what the entrepreneur spends their time on.