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Accountor ja Helsingin NMKY yhteistyössä lasten ja nuorten puolesta

Accountor and Helsinki YMCA in partnership for the children and young people

Accountor is a forerunner in accounting, payroll and HR matters. As an experienced partner, we also handle the accounting, group accounting, sales and purchase invoicing, purchase and sales ledger, and payroll administration of the six companies of the Helsinki YMCA. We are constantly developing this partnership together. With the expansion of our cooperation, Accountor is supporting the diverse ways of offering sports activities for children and young people. That is why we will be seen and heard in "Namika" 's games in the future.

“Our partner Accountor has with its services met the needs of our growing organisation. Accountor's services have freed up our resources for our core business. In addition, through the partnership, we can have more and more children and young people training together as well as bring meaning to the lives of Helsinki residents,” concludes Timo Laulaja, Secretary General of the Helsinki YMCA.

Many entrepreneurs and roots for entrepreneurship are found on the basketball court

Helsinki YMCA is also known nationwide for bringing the basketball hobby to Finland and for its great contribution to youth work. Helsinki YMCA meets more than 6000 children and young people a week in various activities, and it's Finland's largest basketball club. Providing opportunities for hobbies and encounters is a big part of HNMKY's social significance.

"The future is one of Accountor's values. That's why we want to support children and young people who play an important role in building the future," says Petteri Heikinheimo, Accountor's country manager.

Many future entrepreneurs are currently bouncing the ball on basketball courts. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, keeps Finland afloat, offering economic well-being to all of us. Accountor support the entrepreneurs today and tomorrow to create success stories.

Encounters that matter

“Trust is also one of Accountor's values, which means that in addition to our professional attitude, we make an extra effort for the benefit of our customers when needed. Trusting that things will be taken care of, even if it sometimes requires going the extra mile,” says Heikinheimo.

Without a similar effort, several hobbies would not be possible. The enthusiastic attitude of parents in HNMKY's junior activities to do volunteer work is invaluable.

As a partner, Accountor is also proactive, which speaks for our ability to solve our customers' financial management challenges in a visionary way. We keep in touch with our customers in many different ways and with this active communication we show that we truly care. It is an attitude that connects Accountorians and Namika people!

Saying your worries out loud is often the best solution

We Accountorians have also noticed that, just like the worries of young people, many of the worries of companies often swell up for no reason. Most everyday worries are solved when you talk about them out loud. Today, as every day, we have a thousand experts talking to our customers about accounting, payroll and HR issues.

We are happy to help every business, regardless of its size. After all, we are Accountorians that comes from the English word accountable, that is, responsible people you can trust.

If you wish to have more information about the partnership, please contact Petteri Heikinheimo ( or (