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Collaboration across boundaries – learn how an accountant, HR specialist and payroll expert are involved in clients’ day-to-day work

Are your company’s partners working together seamlessly? A company’s financial administration, payroll and HR tasks are connected in many ways, but the big picture can become lost if each part is developed separately. This is not the case at Accountor, where our experts in different fields work in close cooperation.

In this article, our financial administration expert, HR expert and payroll specialist Soile Malmivuori describe their roles in developing our clients’ critical functions.

Linking HR processes seamlessly with payroll and accounting

"Investing in human resources brings both immediate and direct cost savings as well as indirect benefits. Easy-to-understand HR processes improve work efficiency and save time and money. When people are treated with equality and leadership and management are transparent and effective, the results translate over time to increased profits.

The best part of my work is making the client’s life easier. Clients who do not employ their own HR specialist benefit from our services as we are able to offer just the kind of expertise needed. We advise clients on a wide range of issues related to employment contracts, leadership and HR reporting. If I come across a question I can’t answer, I can be confident that one of my co-workers is specialised in the matter.

We work together with accounting experts particularly when the client has a need to produce reports on human resources work. For example, the client may want to employ a new method for tracking hours or personnel costs. We cooperate to outline the client’s need and discuss how to best collect the data.

HR is also closely linked with payroll services. Our solutions ensure that payroll can obtain the necessary information from HR systems seamlessly. At Accountor, we work together to take the big picture into consideration and ensure that systems and processes are not developed in their separate ways. This allows us, for example, to solve a new reporting need for a client in the most cost-effective way,

If necessary, the whole team can be brought to the same table. Benefits to the client from the close cooperation between HR, payroll and accounting include the fact that we can plan ahead and work on things within Accountor. Thanks to this, we are able to move forward quickly once a matter is put on the table with the client.”

An accountant is a problem-solver always looking for the best way of doing things

“Accountants typically work with financial statements, reports and tax returns. In my work, I have found myself in a role where my job is to look for issues in accounting processes and try to identify better solutions for them.

When it comes to accounting, clients’ expectations vary greatly. For example, a company may want to refrain from showing a large profit for some reason. By examining the balance sheet, I am able to propose different accrual options that both conform to good accounting practice and fulfil the client’s wishes.

Accounting serves as a gateway to other business needs. When taking over a new client, I go through the balance sheet, profits and financial administration processes. If any part of the process is inefficient, I can recommend bringing in a HR or payroll specialist to address the issue.

The added value offered by an experienced consultant comes from the ability to combine different types of data and expertise. I feel best rewarded for my work when the client is satisfied and our collaboration goes smoothly. I don’t expect lavish thanks – what I value most is a continued client relationship.”

A good payroll specialist saves the CEO’s time and guarantees quality in critical functions

Payroll services are often sensibly outsourced together with accounting services. Seamless communication between the payroll specialist and accountant ensures that information is passed on quickly.

Payroll is a small but important part of a company’s operations. Employees expect to be compensated for their work on time and with the correct amount. Employers trust us to be familiar with the latest requirements and be able to carry out our tasks with high quality.

“I feel that my work makes a difference in allowing the client focus on their own business. We receive tax cards, submit reports to authorities and calculate holiday pay and bonuses – all the little things that would otherwise take up a significant part of the CEO’s day. Payroll is more complex than many people assume. It’s impossible to get bored as there are always new things to learn.”

Our specialist

Accountor is the most versatile and experienced financial administration, payroll and HR partner in Finland

With financial administration, human resources and payroll tasks increasing in scope and complexity, Accountor offers the services you need all under one roof. Ease of communication is an area where we receive frequent praise from clients of many of our services. Outsourcing all services to a single partner greatly cuts down the amount of coordination necessary. The workday suddenly seems to have more hours when different partners no longer need to be brought together in matters related to financial administration and HR.

We take care of your company’s accounting, payroll and human resources to the extent you require so that your CEO, CFO and other key personnel can focus on business growth and development – areas where their work matters the most.

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