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Accountor Insights

Accountor Insights provides insights into future working life and the economy

If you need inspiration, different perspectives, or new ideas in the hustle and bustle of your workdays, follow Accountor Insights. You will hear fresh views from top experts in various fields. Learn their tips on working life, the economy, and the future.

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Part 9: When processes are not enough – the key to successful product development

When aiming for products that customers really want and use with a smile, product development processes or other common cornerstones are not enough. Accountor Finago's Head of Product Management Mikko Hämäläinen explains what is the most important factor which also Accountor uses in developing software that makes companies’ financial management easy and smooth. Read also Mikko's blog post on the topic.

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Part 8: Smart Accounting brings revolutionary time savings to companies

Would you like to spend less time on your company’s accounting, get your business invoices checked and approved quickly, or easily know how much VAT your business will have to pay next month? Accountor’s Chief Technology Officer Sakari Jorma has an answer that brings relief to exactly these things. Check on this video or Sakari’s blog post what it is – and why all businesses need it.

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Part 7: Succeed in the future and build a sustainable working life with these 3 steps

Are you wondering how your business can succeed in the future, how you can build future capabilities? Accountor's Business Director Minna Kinnunen presents three steps you can take to build the sustainable working life your people need in your company - and succeed!

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Part 6: What are the benefits of digitalisation for all companies?

Does your company benefit from digitalisation? Taru Karhu-Männikkö, Accountor's Marketing Director, presents the three most important benefits of digitalisation that every company can take advantage of.

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Part 5: Remember these three things when digitalizing your business

Digitalizing a company’s business is a strategic choice. Based on Accountor's experience, Development Director Hanne Duran explains the three most important things to consider when digitalizing a company's business.

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Part 4: How digitalization makes daily life more efficient

Automation and artificial intelligence are the tools of modern companies. Watch Accountor’s Director Petri Karjalainen’s points about how digitalization makes the company's everyday life more efficient and what opportunities it creates.

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Part 3: This is how you handle emotions in changes

Change causes some of us to panic, some to become more active. See the Emotional Trainer Camilla Tuominen's tips on how to help people – and yourself – in change situations at work, or in the constantly changing life in general.

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Part 2: Emotions in customer engagements

In our second part of Accountor Insights, you’ll get tips on how to get to the next level in customer engagements. Check out these tips from Emotional Trainer Camilla Tuominen.

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Part 1: Practical remote working tips

Has your working community disappeared behind the screen, are you suffering from remote working numbness? Check out these Emotional Trainer Camilla Tuominen's tips for better remote working days.

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