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Accountor Insights

Accountor Insights provides insights into future working life and the economy

If you need inspiration, different perspectives or new ideas in the hustle and bustle of your workdays, follow Accountor Insights. You will hear fresh views from top experts in various fields. Learn their tips on working life, the economy, and the future.

Watch part 1 and 2 of Accountor Insights below. You will find all new parts on this page in the future.

Part 2: Emotions in Customer Engagements

In our second part of Accountor Insights, you’ll get tips on how to get to the next level in customer engagements. Check out these tips from Emotional Trainer Camilla Tuominen.

Become inspired and develop you customer skills.

Part 1: Practical remote working tips

Has your working community disappeared behind the screen, are you suffering from remote working numbness? Check out these Emotional Trainer Camilla Tuominen's tips for better remote working days. Become inspired and develop yourself with us.

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