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Victor Jacobson is excited by the opportunities that working in the Swedish market brings

Victor Jacobson works as a Sales Manager at Accountor in Sweden. Currently he focuses on Accountor’s financial management software Procountor. His role includes various sales tasks, including the planning and execution of the plan on how to sell our services and products in the Swedish market now and in the future.  

“Procountor is a challenger in Sweden and a part of my job currently is to plan how we approach the market. There is no readymade handbook on how we should do things here. It is a great opportunity to start something new while still having the support of a big company”, Victor says. 

The team in Sweden is continuously growing and though the team is also fairly new to Victor, he has felt the good team spirit and support of others – not only from Sweden but from the whole Accountor team.  

“In the beginning, there is of course a lot to take in and a lot to learn. But I am really excited for the opportunity to build something new, face new challenges and see the results of my and our team’s work”, tells Victor.

New market, new exciting opportunities

Entering a new market means new challenges and needs a lot of effort from the team but this has only shown Victor that Accountor’s team is truly an a+ team as everyone is ready and excited to put in the work and support each other. 

“I can ask help from anyone. People are happy in their roles and bring their expertise to the various projects that we have going on. Everyone seems very content in their roles, and this supports the people first mentality that Accountor has”, Victor says.  

Victor is excited for the future of Procountor in Sweden and sees many opportunities as the Accountor team brings new innovations and challenger in the Swedish market. 

“Accountor is definitely a good place for people that do not shy away from challenges and are motivated by them. Accountor group offers many opportunities to grow. Working with Procountor in Sweden especially now is a unique opportunity as we enter the market and challenge competitors but also have the support of the a+ team”, Victor summarizes.