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Client satisfaction survey shows once again that the person behind the service makes the difference

A total of 412 clients of Accountor Services Oy responded to our client satisfaction survey in March and April. A big thank you to everyone who responded to the survey or gave feedback through other channels!

ihminen palvelun takana ratkaisee

Personal interactions form the foundation of a client relationship

Your feedback shows that a friendly staff is one of the most important factors that decide client satisfaction and a good client relationship.

The results show that our clients value personal interaction, approachability and people who are pleasant to work with. A personal accountant or payroll expert should be someone who is familiar and always easy to get in touch with for quick advice.

Our clients’ satisfaction with their contact person is at an excellent level, and we want to keep it that way going forward. This is made possible by giving room for individuality and personal interactions.

Our pioneering role is founded on understanding clients’ needs

Based on our clients’ responses, innovation and technological development are areas where we have improved the most. Of course, there is endless room for improvement in these areas. We consider it important that in all development projects, we maintain an understanding of what kinds of things genuinely benefit our client companies.

The development of reporting tools offered by Accountor originated from clients’ day-to-day challenges and from a need to find support for planning for the future. For example, all necessary reports must be easily retrieved when making investment decisions or when a bank asks for a report on the company’s current situation. It goes without saying that the client must have access to real-time data anywhere, anytime.

With our reporting tools, we want to help clients monitor key performance indicators and get the most out of them for their business. Clients can compare their performance figures with industry and competitor averages in order to deepen their understanding of the company’s financial situation. Our experts can also assist in interpreting and analysing reports.

Virtual teams mobilise nationwide talent for the benefit of clients

We welcome development ideas from our clients humbly and with gratitude. This time, the suggestions emphasised finding solutions that meet the client’s needs and improving knowledge of the client’s industry.

While Accountor’s more than one thousand experts have vast expertise in financial administration and HR, this talent is divided among our numerous teams, units and 24 accounting firms across Finland. Now, we are bringing this expertise together in order to ensure the best possible benefit for our clients. We are building virtual teams that specialise in and bring together experts in different industries.  This way, our clients always have access to Accountor’s nationwide expertise while handling their business smoothly through their local accounting firm or contact person.


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