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How Go service works

Go is the easiest way to take care of small businesses accounting. Take a look how a typical month runs with Go service.

Daily routines

Create and send invoices to your customers

Invoicing software is included in the service. You can create and send invoices as an e-invoice, via email or traditional paper versions.

When your customer pays the invoice with an automatically generated reference number, payment is allocated against the right invoice. Convenient!

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Photograph receipts

Take a photo of a receipt every time you receive one. In that way they are up to date and safe in the system. You don`t need a separate mobile app.

Your whole financial management works with any web browser - also on your phone.

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Pay invoices

Pay all your invoices directly from the software. All your paid invoices are automatically ready for your accounting at the same time.

You`ll get an e-invoicing address, that receives your invoices. They are easy to pay and submit to accounting.

You can also pay paper invoices. 

Weekly routines

Attach receipts to bank statements

You don`t have to enter amounts or other details of receipts that you have photographed. 

Just attach the receipts to account transactions that are transferred via bank connection directly to the software.

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Monthly routines

Send data to your accountant

Send the materials regarding your income and expenses fro the previous month to your accountant. Your accountant does monthly reconciliations based on these materials. 

Occasional situations

Correcting invoices

Mistakes happen! Fortunately you can easily correct an invoice. Just open the invoice for editing, correct the parts that you want and send the invoice again.

Reverse VAT in the construction sector

If the Client is in the construction sector, the Service Provider will take the provision regarding reverse charge on VAT applied in the construction sector in the accounting and VAT report services.

The provision regarding reverse charge on VAT in construction services is mandatory. It must be applied whenever the conditions of the law are met.

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Want to know more? Book a free demo!

Book a 45-minute demo with our expert to see how easily your company's finances can be handled with Accountor Go.

During the demo you will: 

  1. get to know the Accountor Go service,
  2. see in practice how easily you can use the software, and
  3. get answers to possible questions.

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