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corona maatregelen

End of support measures

On October 1, 2021, the cabinet will stop the corona support measures for companies. In the past year and a half, entrepreneurs could appeal to the NOW, TVL, Tozo, TONK and various tax measures, but these will not be extended in the fourth quarter of 2021. There will be a targeted compensation scheme for nightclubs and discos, if they cannot open after 1 October.

In addition to support measures that stop, others are extended or changed. For example, the option to provide tax-free fixed travel allowance to employees who mainly work from home will be extended again until January 1, 2022. Companies that run into short-term problems for reasons other than corona will soon be able to apply for a reduction in working hours again. This arrangement was temporarily suspended during the corona crisis.

Due to the creativity of entrepreneurs and the extensive corona support packages, viable companies whose turnover largely fell away did not have to lay off people. As a result, unemployment figures are low, as is the number of bankruptcies. The economy is growing exuberantly again and there are more vacancies than the unemployed. The cabinet thinks that continuing with the support measures will hinder recovery. That is why the support package will end on October 1, 2021.

Some support measures remain
A number of support arrangements will remain in place in the fourth quarter, to promote labor market dynamism and enable companies to adapt to a changing world compared to early 2020. Source: Personnel Network