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Complaints procedure

We receive the claim from our clients. If, in your opinion, there are inaccuracies, we ask you to lodge an objection. In that case you do not actually have a complaint about Accountor, but about the collection case. Detailed information about filing an objection can be found in the attachment to our first letter. We will do our utmost to handle your objection as quickly as possible.

Complaint about the working method of Accountor

The steps below consecutively represent the complaints procedure of Accountor:

  1. Making a complaint known

If you have a complaint about the working method of Accountor, you can immediately deal with one of our employees. We, too, sometimes make mistakes and can often resolve them immediately and satisfactorily.

2.  Escalating a complaint

If you nevertheless believe that your complaint about the way Accountor works incorrectly (step 1), we will ask you to submit your complaint via or in writing via Accountor DC, PO Box 19234, 3501DE Utrecht. It must contain the following:

  • Subject 'Complaint'
  • The reference number
  • Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Description of the complaint If relevant, relevant annexes to substantiate

You will receive a substantive response within a few working days, or if we need more time to complete the find a situation to confirm receipt of your complaint. In this case we will of course pause the collection procedure.

3.    Management complaint
If you have not worked out with the employee (step 1) and your written complaint (step 2) is in your opinion incorrectly not honored, then you can report a management complaint stating ' Management complaint DC 'must be submitted via Accountor Direction / DC, PO Box 19234, 3501DE Utrecht.NB: A management complaint where the above procedure has not been fully completed will be referred back to the department in question. The aforementioned points must also be stated for a management complaint. After receipt of the management complaint, further investigation will be carried out by a member of the management or an expert designated for this purpose by the management.

4. Independent complaints institute
If you cannot resolve this with us as a result of the above-mentioned procedure: Accountor Nederland B.V. is a member of the NVI (Dutch Association of Debt Collection Companies). A complaints procedure also exists within this organization. Unresolved complaints can be submitted to KIGID (Complaints Institute Certified Collection Services). If this does not offer a solution, there is still the possibility of submitting your complaint via an appeal procedure to the NVI Disputes Committee.