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Outsourcing payroll administration?

The salary administration specialists of Accountor

The salary administration is a specialism and so extremely important within a company. If you do not have this specialization in-house, outsourcing can be the solution. This way you know for sure that the payroll administration is executed correctly. And no investment required for software, training and professional knowledge. Accountor has in-house specialists for payroll administration with excellent references. We guarantee punctual care of payslips, salary payments and salary reports.

outsourcing payrolling
Have your payrolling outsourced and save a lot of time.

The advantages of Accountor

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Salary documents 24/7 available online

As an entrepreneur you naturally want to keep an insight into your financial situation. We guarantee you the most modern digital services so that you have direct access to your administration independently of your destination.
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Fixed rate per payslip from € 7.50

We use a fixed rate per salary slip. This way you know in advance where you stand and you will not be faced with nasty financial surprises afterwards.
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Digital documents and personnel file

Within a few clicks you have all the necessary information at your disposal with our digital documents and personnel files. Your files are always current and up-to-date.

What we can offer you

  • Complete care of payroll administration (pre-payroll, payroll and post-payroll)
  • Up-to-date knowledge of payroll tax, social insurance and labor law 
  • Fixed rate per salary slip from € 7.50
  • Free provision of annual statements.
  • Salary documents available online 24/7
  • Digital documents and personnel file
  • No advance bill, pay afterwards

Let our specialists inform you about the possibilities regarding payroll administration. Contact us without obligation by filling in the contact form below.

"By outsourcing the payroll administration to Accountor, we can ensure that our people have their salary neatly on time every month. The pay slips are always correct." Vitec Imaging Distribution

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