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Accountor has the Debt Collection Seal of Approval of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Companies (NVI). Organisations affiliated to the NVI have a combined market coverage of approximately 85%

The Debt Collection Seal of Approval guarantees that all holders work in accordance with the established criteria and the code of conduct. The core values of this are conducting a socially responsible collection procedure, correct and timely communication to debtors and compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of the code of conduct for NVI members. For payments we use a Trust bank account so that your money which has been paid by your customers is always safely stored. We are also registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. All this and more is periodically tested by an independent auditor ‘Keurmerkinstituut’ from Zoetermeer.

For you, the Debt Collection Seal of Approval means that you outsource debt collection activities to a reliable partner who meets these high standards. In addition, our transparent proactive and personal approach is highly appreciated by our clients. For debtors, the Debt Collection Seal of Approval guarantees a correct and respectful approach, correct charging of collection costs and a truly independent organisation to settle disputes. All this increases the chance that your debtors will become customers again.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by telephone at +31 (0)30 214 41 95 or by e-mail All information about the NVI can be found at