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Make a VAT declaration

Save time and money when declaring

January, April, July and October are the VAT months for many entrepreneurs. It is therefore time again in July to make the declaration for the 2nd quarter. A number of tips from us to ensure that the quarterly declaration runs smoothly.

vat declaration


This first tip has to be here.
Outsource your quarterly declaration to Accountor. This saves you time, prevents fines and stress. Moreover, you no longer need to read the rest of the tips.

Never too late with the declaration

Download the VAT alert app from the Tax Authorities and receive a reminder on time. So you are always on time with the declaration.

Vat of diner and lunch

A mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they include the VAT of lunches, drinks and other meals in their VAT return. Although the costs incurred are (limited) deductible, this is not the case with the sales tax.

Avoid fines

Make sure you pay the sales tax on time, put it for example ready in internet banking. The fines for not paying on time can go up nicely. You better prevent this. The amount to be paid in VAT must be on the account of the tax authorities no later than the last day of the month following the quarter. For the 2nd quarter, therefore, no later than 31 July.

Irrecoverable invoices

Check whether you still have sales invoices that were unfortunately not collectable. You may reclaim this in the VAT return if the claim is open longer than 1 year after the due date. After all, you have already paid VAT on this before.

Good timing

Not directly for the declaration, but a smart tip to consider. Make sure you send your invoices well before the end of a tax quarter and not at the end or postpone invoicing a little longer until the start of a new quarter. This way you avoid having to transfer money to the tax authorities for VAT that you haven't received from your buyer yet.