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HR and payroll

With Nmbrs® you always have insight into important HR information

At Accountor we are happy to support you with the complete care of your payroll. For a fixed rate per payslip, wages are paid on time and you can fall back on our knowledge and experience in the field of payroll taxes, social insurance and employment law. As a specialist in payroll, we like to go a step further. That is why we also offer you the convenience of HR and payroll with Nmbrs®.

HR en payroll

Convenience for you and your employees

With Nmbrs®, you as an entrepreneur have 24/7 insight into the personnel administration. You can also give your employees secure access to important HR information via the platform.

Nmbrs® complies with the GDPR legislation. The HR environment is very efficient to use. The package offers not only digital change forms but also interactive payslips on which changes are immediately visible and so you do not have to run a new salary run.

With Nmbrs® Accountor offers:

  • Digital submission and processing of declarations
  • Leave and absence registration
  • Time registration
  • An HR dashboard and reports
  • HR-workflows
  • Generate contracts
  • HR-signals

Accountor offers Nmbrs® at different service levels. You decide how far you go.


With Nmbrs® you benefit from:

  • A complete digital and safe file
  • An overview of your personnel administration Anytime, anywhere
  • Self-service for employees
  •  Simple links with, for example, accounting programs
  • E-mail integration 
HR-platform Accountor