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Request training budget

From 1 May (from 10.00 am) it is again possible to apply for STAP budget for training and development. Both employed and job seekers can apply for a STAP budget of up to € 1,000 per year for, for example, training, courses or education. In the last application period, from March to April, the limit of the funds was reached in a short time.. 

Appy using DigiD

With STAP (Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Position) your employees can apply once a year via A new application period starts once every two months. If there is no more money available, you have to wait until the next application period.


There are a number of conditions for applying for a STAP budget:

  • The applicant must be 18 years or older 
  • The applicant does not receive a state pension
  • The training, course or education must be included in the STAP training register
  • The training may not have started yet when the budget is requested
  • The application must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the start of the course

UWV has a handy step-by-step plan that can be used to see whether the STAP budget can be applied for. The overview also makes it clear how the budget can be requested and what is required for this. If your employee's application is approved, the UWV will transfer the amount to the trainer. UWV manages all applications and implements the STAP scheme.