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Subsidy still available for zero-emissions vehicles

The Dutch government’s subsidy scheme (SEBA) for buying or arranging a financial lease on new zero-emissions commercial vehicles is still available. Remember to apply for the subsidy before signing the final contract for the vehicle. In the case of an operating lease, the leasing company can apply for the subsidy.

Max. €5000 per commercial vehicle

You can apply for a subsidy of up to €5,000 per vehicle. Under this scheme, medium-sized and large businesses get 10% of the net list price (category N1 vehicles). This is excluding VAT, but including private vehicle tax and options fitted by the manufacturer or importer before the registration plate is issued. For category N2 vehicles up to 4,250 kg you can get 10% of the sales price, excluding VAT.

Subsidy conditions

The total amount available for zero-emissions commercial vehicles this year is €33 million. And, at 11 April 2023, there was still €17.48 million left.

To be eligible for the subsidy, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a business owner or have a non-profit entity.
  • You have not yet have signed a final purchase or financial lease contract. Remember to apply for the subsidy beforehand.
  • The vehicle must not yet be registered in your name in the National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority.
  • You apply for a SEBA subsidy for a new, zero-emissions electric commercial vehicle.

You can find a list of the makes and models of zero-emissions vehicles on the Dutch Government Information Service (RVO) website.