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Payroll reference Cactos John Graham

Cactos develops and supplies storage systems for sustainable energy. Starting in 2018, the company aims to make clean, sustainable and resilient energy solutions available to everyone. Originally from Finland, Cactos has a research and development department in Muhos in addition to a branch in Helsinki. In the Netherlands, the company has an office in Amsterdam. The Finnish embassy in the Netherlands put Cactos in touch with Accountor.

Accountor's payroll services also offers knowledge

Accountor supports Cactos with payroll services. John Graham, co-founder of Cactos: "Accountor handles the entire payroll administration. In addition to the administration, we can fall back on Accountor's HRM and legal knowledge. Our roots are in Finland. We therefore need a partner who knows the local situation well. So even if we have questions about tax matters, pensions or insurance, we can turn to Accountor."


Thinking along and advising

In addition to payroll, Accountor also carries out the bookkeeping. This means that, among other things, the VAT return and the preparation of the annual accounts of Cactos are carried out by Accountor. "Every country has its own rules and legislation. We don't need to know exactly how things work here. Accountor knows the rules and ensures that the bookkeeping is in order and that VAT is paid every quarter. Perhaps even more important to me is that Accountor's employees think along with us and give advice. A big plus is that they also know the situation in Finland well," John Graham emphasizes.