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Reference Dealfront

Dealfront helps to make converting client websites more effective. The Finnish company’s B2B data platform identifies business website visitors and whether these visitors are leads and whether the company can move to close deals. It has offices in various European countries and the United States.

Helping set up the Dutch BV

In 2021, Accountor helped Dealfront set up its Dutch activities in Utrecht. As well as setting up the BV, it provides administrative support to Dealfront. ‘Opening a new office in a country you don’t know is always challenging. Luckily, a business contact put us in touch with Accountor. For us, the big advantage is not only that Accountor knows the Dutch situation, but also knows our background,’ explains Sampo Pesonen, Dealfront’s CFP.


Knowing the local market

As well as Dealfront’s administration and annual financial statements, Accountor prepares the tax return. And also the Dutch company’s payroll. According to Pesonen, ‘Accountor has taken over a lot of work for us in various specialised areas. It’s really useful to have one company performing all these financial tasks because they’re all related. We know everything’s being done properly and so we can focus on our own business.’