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Reference Nomentia

Nomentia is a major European player in the treasury and cash management solutions market. The products this Finnish company supplies include software for worldwide payments, bank connectivity, cash forecasts, and visibility and treasury workflows. Nomentia has been working with Accountor in Sweden and Finland for a long time. As well as using Procountor financial management software, it also uses Accountor’s payroll services.

Nomentia BV has been using Accountor’s financial and payroll services in the Netherlands since 2021. This saves Nomentia a great deal of time. According to Monika Bilski,  ‘The big advantage of payroll is that we’re still our employees’ employer, but we don’t have to do the salary administration involved. All of that gets done by Accountor.’

Referentie nomentia

One point of contact

As well as reducing Nomentia’s administrative burden, payroll offers various other important benefits. One of them is that Nomentia now has a single professional partner for all its contacts with various bodies. As Monika Bilski says, ‘This saves us so much work and at the same time we can rely on Accountor’s up-to-date knowledge on pensions and insurance.’