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referentie leaddesk

Referentie Leaddesk

Leaddesk offers intelligent Software for high-volume sales and customer service, where agents handle up to 150 customers per day. The head office is in Kallio, Helsinki. The global management, finance, marketing, development and operations teams is based in Helsinki.

We have a good collaboration with Accountor

Martti Siiteri, business controller at leaddesk  “When we needed a trustworthy and efficient partner to run the accounting services based on local legislation and rules to support the needs of the Dutch subsidiary’s growth, Accountor was a logical step. Since Accountor was already our partner in several countries.  We knew what to expect and were able to ramp up and communicate efficiently. 

“We have a good collaboration with Accountor, they handle all our finance, employee expenses, payroll, VAT returns and annual report with care and we’ve been able to maintain the focus in the Dutch subsidiary in servicing our own customers and our company is still growing. Some challenges, related to changes in personnel caused some difficulties, but have been handled well in the long run. “ 

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