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Vitec Imaging Distribution

"A payroll partner we can trust"

"By outsourcing payroll to Accountor, we can ensure that our people have their salary every month on time, the paychecks are always correct and I do not have to worry about"

Vitec Imaging Distribution is a wholesale and import and export of photo and video equipment and related items. We have chosen to outsource the payroll function, so that we can fully focus on our core – business. Martina Da Fre (HR Administration Manager) "At Accountor do you know that the salary is safe and that the salarisadminstratie is done by professionals who are totally focused on payroll."

Total payroll and local knowledge
"Because the head office in Italy, it is important to trust that the payroll partner the local rules. For VID is not only a safe salary payment is important, but also that they have full knowledge of everything that has to do with the payroll function. "

Reliable and proactive help

When Martina Da Fre is asked to describe cooperation with Accountor, she said three things: professionalism, good accessibility and proactive. "We always know that the salary is correctly calculated and paid, in accordance with the Dutch rules and parameters. It is also valuable to us that we quickly get help if we ask us something: Accountor is helpful when there are questions about things like salary and employment law. Or when there are more complex issues, they have the needed knowledge and always a clear answer. "