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We can advise and help you all the way from company registration to deregistration. Our professionals in 7 countries have experience of hundreds of change management projects involving financial control management and legal issues. When you want to grow faster, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Financial control and management

We are here to help you set up your financial management and run it. In most cases, we begin our analysis by mapping your current financial processes. We understand best practices in different industries and can re-engineer your financial processes. We are happy to help you with your processes or can even join your team as a leased accountant or financial manager. Starting or reorganising your business? This could be the right solution for you.

Legal and tax advisory

Did you know that we have the largest Nordic legal advisor team in Russia? Have you heard about our success stories in winning contracts and planning taxation?

We are here to help you in various legal matters. These include establishing a legal unit, taxation, contract or financial planning, risk management, ownership reorganisation, due diligence, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, or work safety and workplace assessments. Contact our legal staff or your day-to-day contact person for more details on our legal services.