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Debt Collection

You would like to have paid invoices within the payment period. Unfortunately it often happens that you still have to send a reminder, or several yourself. This is at the expense of your valuable time. The collection services of Accountor give you the space to focus on what you prefer to do: entrepreneurship.

Let our experienced professionals handle your collection cases with the utmost care. So that your customer remains a customer.
Collection services

Why choose Debt Collection at Accountor?

  • Transparency and always insight into invoices online for you and your debtor
  • We guarantee the best rates
  • Extensive experience also in large volumes, including for
  • We ensure that debtors adhere to your payment terms.
  • Collection services based on no-cure-no-pay
  • In possession of the NVI quality mark

Avoid annoying collection processes in the future?

Do you want to prevent annoying collection processes in the future, or do you have too little knowledge in the field of debtor management? You can also outsource your entire debt management to Accountor.

The expertise of Accountor

Accountor has years of experience, is a member of the NVI branch organization and holds the collection mark. This way you know that all complaints are handled according to the customer procedure approved by NVI. Your customer is assured of a timely and correct handling of his complaint. This applies both to the settlement of large volumes and the individual (customized) items.

Reference Bas Winkel from Accountor processes more than 55 million invoices and payments per year to our complete satisfaction.
Did you receive a reminder?

It contains login details that you can use to log in to our DebtorWeb portal. This portal gives you the options to pay simply and securely, to make an arrangement or to submit an objection, for example. If you have a complaint, see the complaints procedure here.

Do you already use our collection services?

If you use our collection service, you can view the current status of your claims in the ClientWeb portal. For example, you can also submit new cases, pass on payments or ask questions.

Do you want more information?

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