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Debt Collection Services

Difficult debtors? We can help out

You have undoubtedly encountered them: debtors whom postpone payment of your services. Sometimes a reminder is sufficient. But sometimes it is not ...

How much time do you spend in collecting your sales invoices? Precious time which you would rather spend on your core business? Accountor is happy to take the work off your hands.

Your needs are our main concern: customization is our specialty

Our debt collection services give our customers a tool for receiving payments for products or services without resorting to legal measures. With our experience and modern software, we have developed a flexible service package which is efficient and easily tailored to suit your specific needs. Our system is capable of handling vast numbers of cases and we will handle any volume, be it large or small, that you might require.  

Professional service 

  • Our experienced professionals know how to handle delicate cases. We guarantee a professional and customer friendly approach to your clients
  • Our prices are competitive due to our efficiency and automated workflow
  • We are specialized in completely cleaning debtor files, ensuring that customers will feel more obliged to pay according to your terms in the future
  • We use the most modern software available for Debt Collection, ensuring transparency through Internet for both Creditor and Debtor
  • Member of NVI branch organization.
  • In possession of the collection quality mark.

Co-operation in practice

If you utilize one of our sub-ledger services, we automatically attend to the client’s matters in accordance with the parameters set out in this service. All cases, files, information and requests can be sent to us through your own secure client portal on the Internet.


Have you received a reminder from us. It contains login data you can log in on our DebtorWeb portal. This portal gives you the capability to easily and safely pay, make an arrangement or, for example, to submit an objection.

Already client?

If you use our collection service, you can see the current state of your claims in the ClientWeb portal. You can also submit new business there for example, payments or ask questions.

How can we help you?

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